Is It Safe to Squat? What you need to know about Corrective Exercise

Is It Safe to Squat?

What you need to know about Corrective Exercise

You may have heard that squats can be considered a corrective exercise. But beware! Not all people are prepared to complete squats and weighted squats safely. Corrective exercises can be used to help improve the overall quality of movement, not only in workouts but in every day life.


•Be cautious when weight training and lifting at the gym. Pain and injury can come from poor form when completing exercises.
•Consult with a personal training.

Be aware:

Some injuries are caused by lifting too much weight or completing too many reps when you’re not aware of the correct form.

Did you know?:

Weight training is much more than big lifting.  It requires you to establish the best program for yourself, keeping your mobility and core strength in mind.
When cleared in the gym for squatting or lifting, then squat away. But if you’re dealing with pain, then consult with personal trainer to help you find safer and more appropriate alternatives to use while exercising.

New Years Resolutions: Quick Changes vs. Lifestyle Changes 

New Years Resolutions
Quick Changes vs. Lifestyle Changes 

At the start of the new year, many people have historically chosen their New Year’s resolution to be weight loss. People look to the quick or fad diets to achieve their goals. Although some fad diets can seem to work initially, research has shown that they are not effective for long-term results or success. To help maintain a healthier lifestyle avoid quick changes and set a goal that is attainable.

Here are some ways to create a lifestyle change that will not only support your New Year’s resolution, but also provide you with long-term success.
  • Consistent and regular exercise
  • Plan well-balanced and healthy meals
  • Increase sleep
  • Stay hydrated
To avoid injury while increasing your exercise, it is best to get a consultation with a professional personal trainer. A personal trainer can also assist you in remaining accountable, consistent and support increased results.