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Is It Safe to Squat? What you need to know about Corrective Exercise

Is It Safe to Squat? What you need to know about Corrective Exercise You may have heard that squats can be considered a corrective exercise. But beware! Not all people are prepared to complete squats and weighted squats safely. Corrective exercises can be used to help improve the overall quality of movement, not only in workouts […]

New Years Resolutions: Quick Changes vs. Lifestyle Changes 

New Years Resolutions Quick Changes vs. Lifestyle Changes  At the start of the new year, many people have historically chosen their New Year’s resolution to be weight loss. People look to the quick or fad diets to achieve their goals. Although some fad diets can seem to work initially, research has shown that they are […]

Baby Boomers and Personal Training

Baby Boomers and Personal Training Now that the baby boomer era is retiring, they are looking for ways to increase activity and maintain healthier lifestyles, which will aid with a prolonged and healthier life.  Some key areas that are of concern or interest to baby boomers are stamina, endurance, and maintaining a more youthful appearance.  […]

Top Fitness Trends of 2020!

There are so many reasons why you should invest in your health! Why wait until the new year to start your fitness goals! Get a jumpstart on your wellness before the holidays hit. Here are the top five trends in Fitness for the new year. Functional Training Active Aging Nutrition Strength Training Personal Training Functional […]

Curious About Low Impact Cardio Options?!

Curious About Low Impact Cardio Options?! There is a common misconception that low impact cardio is not as effective as higher impact workouts. It turns out, your body needs days and workouts where it is not “pounding the pavement”. On a day when your body needs a rest, choose a workout that is easier on […]

What is Carb Cycling? And How Can it Help You Lose Fat?

Did you know carb cycling can help you lose fat?  What is carb cycling? Carb cycling is considered to be a high level nutritional strategy that is strategically planned to alter carbohydrate intake as a way to prevent a plateau in your weight loss or fat loss plan. The benefit of carb cycling is that […]

Insulin Resistance: Can it affect your weight loss progress?

Some people may wonder, what insulin resistance is and how does this impact weight-loss progress? Insulin resistance is when the body has an impaired response to insulin. This results in elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Also, the body’s ability to use insulin slowly declines.When insulin declines it may cause weight gain, diabetes, and additional medical […]

MCT Oil and How it Creates Optimal Weightloss!

MCT Oil— Medium- Chain Triglyceride Oil AKA the ultimate ketogenic fat! It’s helps the body get into ketosis and remain there, which creates optimal weight loss results while using this type of eating! What MCT Oil? A clean oil that is naturally found in coconut oil and helps fuel your body and your body’s energy […]