Top Fitness Trends of 2020!

There are so many reasons why you should invest in your health! Why wait until the new year to start your fitness goals! Get a jumpstart on your wellness before the holidays hit.

Here are the top five trends in Fitness for the new year.
  1. Functional Training
  2. Active Aging
  3. Nutrition
  4. Strength Training
  5. Personal Training
Functional training includes strength, balance, coordination and power, and range of motion and mobility. This type of training can be incorporated into many programs and is for a diverse group of individuals looking to improve their fitness goals.
Are you a Baby Boomer? Active aging may be unknown to many, however it is growing in importance throughout our society in a way that helps people to live longer.  When a poll was taken of this population many people didn’t wanna just live longer, but they wanted to live healthier for a longer! exercise can be seen as the best medicine when aging.
When thinking of nutrition, we think of diet, however a healthy lifestyle related to food consumption affects your well-being and it goes far beyond just a “diet”. Nutrition affects your mood, hormones, sleep, and overall performance. so making sure you have the correct nutrition impacts your overall health.
Strength training has changed throughout the years but the basis of this type of training I stay the same. strength training incorporates for the muscle which helps keep your joints supported and healthy. when done the correct way with the help of a personal trainer you can actually prevent injury and improve your physical appearance. Through the use of correct form and proper use of equipment, strength training positively impacts the overall improved health for all types of clients.
Personal training allows clients to feel safer, more comfortable, and confident in their workouts. Sticking with a fitness program and getting paired with the correct trainer allows clients to break through plateaus and remain consistent. personal training provided the client with a plan, education, motivation, consistency, and most importantly accountability.
NJ Fitness Pros can help with all of your health, fitness, and wellness needs. Pairing you with the trainer that best fits your schedule and your desired outcome!