How You Can Stay Motivated to Workout Longterm

They say “getting there is half the battle,” but we beg to differ. One of the most common challenges people face when beginning a new workout regimen is sticking to it. When the initial excitement of your new routine has faded, and the struggle begins to set in, it’s tempting to throw up your arms in defeat. To help combat this all-too-common occurrence, here are our best tips for how you can stay motivated to workout longterm.

Switch Things Up

One reason you may lose motivation to continue your workout routine is simply that it bores you. Performing the same movements day after day gets old fast, and when your routine is no longer exciting, you’re likely going to lose motivation to keep it up. After all, who feels motivated to do something they don’t enjoy in their spare time? Switching up your workout routine can be a good way to keep things interesting so that you never dread a boring workout again. If you usually workout solo, consider a group training class to keep things interesting, or vice versa if working out alone is your go-to.

Set Goals

Working towards a specific goal can be a huge motivator to continue your fitness routine long. One great way to ensure that you’re motivation will stay long term is by setting consecutive goals for yourself. Once you reach your first goal, you’ll enjoy the sense of accomplishment you feel, and that will inspire you to keep going. As you progress through your workouts, you can challenge yourself by setting goals that increase in difficulty. Having a new goal in mind will keep you inspired, as you’ll always be working towards something, as opposed to simply doing the workouts without any specific intentions.

Find an Accountability Partner

When you can’t find motivation within, your best bet is to lean on the help of a friend. Having a workout partner who holds you accountable can be just the thing you need to make you get moving on those days you just don’t feel like doing it. While some people prefer working out on their own, exercising with a friend can make it enjoyable, so it becomes something you actually look forward to instead of dreading it. The relationship will be mutually beneficial, as you can motivate your workout buddy when they’re not feeling up to it themselves.

Sticking with a fitness routine isn’t easy, but there are steps you can take to help you stay motivated to workout longterm. It’s important to remember that if you want results, you have to be patient. Transformations don’t happen overnight, but once you do start reaping the benefits of your fitness routine, it’ll become easier to stay motivated. Contact us for additional help with determining the best workout regimen for you and your goals.

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